A wellness centre nestled in the seaside town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Personal care, recreation, and healing for everyone.

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Welcome to emOcean

emOcean delivers modern health and wellness practices against the backdrop of historic Lunenburg - an area and a people shaped by brisk winds, deep ocean waters, and rugged coastal beauty. Our team is dedicated to personal improvement, comfort, and happiness through the fundamentals of science-based learning and client-focused care.

Work Out

Put in your earbuds and go for a row, meet up with friends for a bosu class, stack plates, or jump on the running machines and ellipticals. No matter how you like to sweat, there's something for everyone.

About our Gym

Find Therapy

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    Podiatry focuses on the health and comfort of your feet to promote increased mobility, comfort, and well being.

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    We will help you recover from pain or injury by designing a personal therapy program and enabling active rehabilitation.

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    Laser Therapy

    Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment used to stimulate both medical and cosmetic healing in the body.

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    Massage Therapy

    Our three registered therapists offer a combined 13 different styles of massage for optimal relaxation and treatment.

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Go For A Swim

Come enjoy the warmth and healing of our salt-water pool. Recreational, therapeutic, and instructional swimming in a naturally-lit environment.

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Membership registration is completed at emOcean Wellness Centre found at 296 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg. Visit us Monday to Saturday to arrange your membership.

About Memberships

Look Your Best

Slide into Master Stylist Jolene's chair for a deft trim, a full cut or an all new colour. Bookings available for individuals, couples, weddings, families, and visitors to the town.

Hair Studio


Work out or go for a swim seven days a week
or visit the spa Monday to Saturday.
Note: Spa times may vary. Please consult our spa services for availability.