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Physio at emOcean

Unique Facility

emOcean is uniquely suited to supporting your course of treatment with a physiotherapy clinic, a heated saltwater pool, and gym facilities operating as one. emOcean provides its physiotherapists and their clients with treatment options spanning the clinic, the gym and the pool - which ever avenue hastens your path to wellness.

Team Approach

With physiotherapy, podiatry, fitness, nutrition, massage therapy, and spa services all offered at our facilities, emOcean supports all paths to wellness. Not only do our facilities underpin this approach, but the collaboration of our certified staff lends to a complete-care practice.

One-to-One Treatment

Your therapist is by your side through treatment, therapy, and exercise. You are made a part of understanding the causes of your condition, the available solutions, and be will be coached and guided in healing. You are an active participant, taking the worry out of recovery.

Sports Injuries

When one works to stay physically fit, a variety of injuries can be incurred through training and/or competition. Proper lower limb and foot care helps stave off injury or to recover more completely after an injury. Dr Smith also offers guidance so as to reduce the chances of future or repeated injury.

WCB Approved

South Shore Physiotherapy through emOcean Wellness Centre is proud to be an approved provider for Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board treatments and patient claims.